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cant connect to internet on windows 8 gaming pc

What are the list of science discoveries from Alpha Century two.

Why is Mahjong in Windows Games so inconsistent with how many moves? It'll say 8 available, I make one and it'll go down to 4 or 5.

What was your favorite computer game growing up?

How much would you pay for these computer games?

Any lesbian or bisexual girls on here have a Steam account?

FIFA 14 PC Coins and FIFA 14 XBOX Coins can exchange it?

fifa 14 coins kaufen?

I downloaded Impressive World and everytime i move my animal, it freezes. any help?

Is anyone else playing Battlefield 4 on PC?

which is the best gaming portals in india ?

Recent adventure games like MYST?

Are you still in command?

is there any web site's that u can download free simcity or Rome total war 2 that just come out thanks

Where can i download Cube World ??

where can I find mods for the pc game Scarlet Blade?

Do you play the game "Second Life"? What do you think of it?

Who wants to play a World Of Warcraft board game?

Are there any good games like WOW or any MMORPG game for the macbook pro?

Will there be another Jurassic Park video game?

Why Protoss, Terran, Zerg(Upper, middle,lowest class) suffer under the same military hierarchy in StarCraft?

Where can i get a mirrors edge cd key for origin or steam

Are you a zergling?

I can't start up the horror game: Misao? (More in description)

Hey guys can anyone tell me... where i get this ? See here...

Do you have video game console emulator installed on your computer? If so, how many?

How nerdy is minesweeper?

How to stream League of Legends properly?

Suggest some football team names for my new team in FIFA manager. Name should be cool and serious, not funky ridiculous types.

What is your favorite Multiplayer game?

Are you a really good RTS-er?

Do you love FarCry3 ???

I am tired of working every day. Is there any ways to make money via the internet? So, i can stay with my PC, and don't have to be out.

Tomb Raider Underworld: what does it happen if i collect the treasures? what do they unlock? I'm using the Mac version of the game(PC-like)

What is the games like SUMMER GAMES 3D on PC ?

Should I be a PC Gamer?

Simcity Beta Signup DxDiag Question

How to avoid a bad website when buy swtor credits? any reliable online store?

Thane Or Garrus Vakarian?

My friends play diablo 3 ,i want give some to him?where can i get ?

can someone tell me where to find an old game for pc called Brainstorm(with a yellow/gold brain in the cover)

Can anyone tell me product code of dawn of war 2

Do you know what this game is called?

one time i downloaded minecraft and played & it was snowy, then i downloaded it another time from somewhere else and its not snowy?

who all is a big pc gamer? and if so then what games?

How do I stop lagging on ROBLOX?

Is there any walkthrough for Dracula Series Part 3:The Destruction of the Evil?

Noooooooo !!! Please tell me this is'nt true !!!

Zuma or Bejeweled? What's your favorite computer game?

Plz any one know me how to run NFS CARBON in pc with help of 3D-ANALYZER plz know there settings...plz

Will there be Bejeweled 4 game?

What is your favorite MMORPG or FPS Game?

Have no time to make the aion kinah by myself, can I purchase the aion kinah from

How do I get past Act 1 in Hydrophobia Prophecy?

Any good online store to buy rift plats? decide to buy some for my char

What is your favourite website to buy golds, items for your character?

Venetica Problems

how come ffxiv completely locks up my computer at any given point in time while playing.?

Are you sick of games without instructions?

Who plays adventure games made by BigFish?

Anyone NEVER had a Lost Weekend? Then type in today's date. Ray Milland cannot get online. Stuck inside with a PC what a terrible thing.

Asterix & Obelix XXL game wont run i get Error module 50279 on windows 7 64bit what to do ? how to fix it ?

ok i can`t figure this out need some help wannted to play others better games on my pc but i`m in a

Why did Desmond kill Lucy?

Can anyone give me some tips/programs that i could use to make a first person shooter on PC.

How do you aim/control camera on the Hitman games for PC?

What exactly is Minecraft?

What pc game should I try?

What is a nice way to download pc games for free?

Have you played Minecraft?

wanted friends for hot pursuit 3 to compete online. plz share ur username of hot pursuit with me so that i can compete online too.

if any one has a free mindcraft account send me the user name and password and ill take it off ur hands

Ok, I have some rar files that makes up to be Medieval II: Total War, How do I shmush them into a playable game?

having VGA gforce 1GB XFX,and playing pes2011 in high res and was great with a 17"Monitor,and i buy Led Samsung syncmaster bx2031,it blurs

Gta IV pc game high resolution not supported ?

Hi, I wanna Know which site is better to buy World of Warcraft items, such as dackmoon cards, some materials?

what is the best armor and best wepons for a level 85 blood death knight and how to get them

Starcraft 2 CD key, Where can I buy this ?

Is Max Payne 3 ever going to get released? They keep postponing it. First November 2009, then 2010, and now it's postponed to 2011 :(

How do you do a burnout in San Andreas Driving School? The first course. It says hold down W and S but it doesnt work? Help please?

i have a dell dimension 4600 and i want to buy cod WAW.. can i run this? i have a 2.8 ghz processor, 3gigs of ram, and a Geforce 6200 card..

trying to remember the name of a pc game from the early 90's. main character had pony tail, asian or arabic them. 3/4 ovr head.3d polygons.

I don't remember my steam password or secret answer, so i changed it in Steam Support and it still won't work.

What's the best game?

i need a new pc game, can you make me one?

How to disable someones physgun in GMod?

How much bandwidth does Battlefield Bad Company 2 use online for PC?

Can I play Rainbow Six Lockdown on a 1.6 ghz processor if I tone down the graphics? I really need to know before I buy this!

Can I play Rainbow Six Lockdown on a 1.6 ghz processor if I tone down the graphics?

what is the best game to win the most tokens on

are there any other evony style games to play online for free?

Do people still play or make Interactive Fiction (text adventure) games?

is there an Ages of Mythology 2

There's scratch on my Simcity 4 deluxe cd, making the sound.dat file unreadable. All the other files are fine. I still have the license key

Hey I play maplestory and when I try to login it doesn't show the login sign it goes straight to the worlds screen

Minecraft Problem: What do I do with saplings?

what game do you think needs to be made?

how do i fly a jet in ffow evrey time i try to fly i cant take off it looks like not enough speed + it wont want to go up i use a mouse ok.

Anyone know the website for buy wow power leveling?

football manager 2010 Key,where can I buy the best?

whats a good game for me to get for my xbox 360?

Is Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad available in stores (IE. Walmart/Bestbuy) in Pennsylvania?

Does anybody know the key code for THE FIRST Nfs Hot Pursuit game? Google isn't much help.

I want to buy the Indie Beat Pack on, but I already own Audiosurf. Can I buy the pack and give Audiosurf to someone else?

Do you play Peggle?

framerate sttuttering in Game FUEL. can any one help pls.....

What has more hours of game play World of Warcraft or Guild Wars?

i need batman arkham aylum save files for pc 25 % complete ...

I played a game on the computer(offline)when I was younger and can't remember it!

Is there anything like Simple Native Trainer (a GTA IV mod) for Saints Row 2?

Are there any WOW gold coupons which can enjoy big discount?

games for girls ages 1-12 and websites with games for girls ? also sites that girs like

Why won't Bejeweled 2 Deluxe go in to and stay in window mode ? see description

Nancy Drew Shadow at Water's Edge!? Awesome?

How will i get a idaho car in Ultimate GTA vice city?

In fallout new vagus how do i get the item codes to work?

xbox360 v.s ps3 v.s wii,which one?

I ran Blockland. It stops Responding then crashes! Its not my drivers they are updated. Oh and i also have windows 7 64 bit PLEASE REPLY!

When O2Jam patches, it tries to download the Japanese language support which doesnt exist anymore. Any suggestions on tricking my PC?

I need Priston Tale 2 Eons. Where can I buy it from?

Where can I buy the Lord of the Rings Online gold?

Buy PC applications at the store

RPG Maker VX: How do you make a NPC give you only one potion?

what was the best world of wacraft expansion... was the patch 4.0.0 an improvement.. why or why not?

SH3 mod warship 3.0 keeps crashing on windows 7 what should i do?

How good a game is PC Night Trap?

i am having an issue with miranda in mass effect 2 ,i want to sleep with her and i have done evry thing ..when i go to her she keeps

in mass effect2.missions in which u help your team mate,for eg going to citadel for garrus to kill a side mission or a main missn

Majesty 2 kingmaker question

Would you like to have a zergling plushie?

There is this game called Lovely Juliet. I am supposed to find Takashi before the weekend is over... can anyone help me please?

Are you going to buy StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It comes out in a few days.

Zuma Deluxe. How many stages beyond 12? When stage 12 is completed, why does game require return to 12-1 to get back to stage 13?

Who plays roblox? my names are darknessspyro, and warioland3

why doesn\'t the code robert vapor work in nfl head coach

Which payment methods do you accept at

do you have the game zuma?

Why there is no "XYZ Dragon Cannon" in Yu-gi-oh: Joey the Passion? Is there any mod for more cards?

What is the ROBLOX main theme song called?

On the game sins of a solar empire (soase) how do you travel between star systems?

Does the game Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (R6V2) currently run on windows 7 after patching?

On quake 3 arena what are the some of the best bots in different areas of combat that you have came up with (my resalts in description)

what is the most consecutive wins in spider solitaire?

Maplestory's Cash Shop: Once you buy something, do you own it for good, or is it only for a limited time?

Do i need all wow expansions to play? I just want to buy tbc and wolk latter...

Do i need all wow expansions to play? I just want to buy tbc and wolk latter...

Do i need all wow expansions to play? I just want to buy tbc and wolk latter...

When I try to register for the game WarRock, it tells me that I can't register now. Help!

What is The Sims Apartment life game about?

Do the sims3 patches you download from the sims3 website mess up your laptop?

Why is there so many promblem's with the sims3?

Do the Sims3 carry a virus?

If I unstall the sims 3 on vista will I get all my memory back or no?

How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine?

I am trying to hook my sons PS2 to his Pc/ Vista desktop. We have an ethernet cord, and his desktop is wireless. I think we may also need to get something called a VGA adapters. I don't know. HELP!

How do you use your magic in Morrowind Elder Scrolls on PC? Like scrolls magic items and how to cast spells?

Is it okay to cheat/hack in a beta?

Where can I download Starcraft: Brood War for free? And where can I get a CD Key?

For those of you who have ever played "Minesweeper". - Don't you love it when this happens? (See link)

I get Silent Hill 3 in PC but everytime when i choose new game i hear strange voice in computer when a first video scene start and then computer freezes. Is problem in computer or where? Many of my games gets same problem and it started a few days ago.

Has anyone else heard of a game on cmputer called Unreal Tournament? If you have dop youi own it and if you do own it, do you think that it is a good game?

Do I need to install Medieval 2:Total War first before installing the Kingdom Expansion ? Or can I just install only the Medieval 2: Total War Kingdom Expansion straight away to play the game?

Anyone Know How Do I Download Pokemon Games For My PC Free

How do you beat Nabooti Island in Poptropica? (BY THE WAY, THIS IS FOR MY COUSIN)

Does anyone know the name of the mahjong game for pc where you play against different chinese rulers and it also includes the game of four winds. It was at wal mart initially. It was in 3d.

What would you think if you walked into your work or school and it was "Oregon Trail" day, you got to play Oregon Trail for the whole day?

You're playing Oregon Trail. The river's 3 feet deep. Do you ford the river or caulk the wagon and float?

Installation codes for need for speed pro street

In rail sim, I can't get people to walk around the station, and it crashes and restarts the computer when I put the graphics up. My graphics card is a Nivida GeForce 6200 GX. Please help!

Has anyone played Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising and is it as good as the original? I was a huge fan of the original and it's OFP2 is out in Australia next month

Does anyone play the old game call Transport Tycoon Deluxe?

Midnight club 2 pc problems. menus keep moving and not letting me choose.

How do I add my picture to my mafia wars profile on facebook?

I tried to play Moment of Silence on pc but the starforce protection system won't work on vista. How can I get around this problem?

Can you use more then one X2 EXP G Coin Item in Soldier Front? If you dont know, please GTFO and dont answer.

How can i change the language on pizza connection 2? i want english plz help

I have downloaded the witcher flash mod1.0.1 & played the game everything seems to be well but after sometime geralt is not taking some items into his inventory like goose fat & the most important thing to move onto the second level that is CALCIUM EQUAM

When is Postal 3 for PC going to come out? The Postal series is a great series. I want to play as the Postal Dude some more. I need lots of GORE DUDE. It was supposed to come out last year, but it didn't. TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to play "Master of Orion 2" in a window?

How Can I Convince My Stubborn Father To Let Me Play World of Warcraft Again, Or Convince My Equally Stubborn Mom To Help Me

How can you defeat computer Terran with Zerg in Starcraft 1 Brood War?

Supreme commander keeps crashing, Error message below. Whats happening?

When loading 'SWAT 4 - The Stetchkov Syndicate', I find that the loading time (to load the game, not the missions) is extremely long, upto 10 minutes, and nothing happens during most of it (screen goes black). Is this normal and is there a work around?

In 'Tron 2.0' (pc), what is the highest version number you can obtain? .... my personal best was V-9.8.1

Has anyone here played the RTS, Paraworld? What'd you think about it?

How do you delete flooring in the sims 2?

A garage door on the Sims 2 came down on my sim.. and he did not die, he is just standing there, it wont let me delete the garage door cause it is "to close to the sim", but it wont let me move him either.. anyone know any ways to get him outta there? lol

I recently installed Starcraft and Brood Wars to my PC and it keeps crashing when I try to play it, freezing my screen up. It acts the same way even after patching it. Anyone know what might be the problem here?

How do you delete walls from the sims 2 on houses that i did not build.. like ones that the game already had on it?

Who here is playing quake live?

Who is going to get the new Nancy Drew PC game?? Comes out the 14th of July!!! Woooo!! =]

Can anyone give me the password sheet for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989) Dos game? When I play the game it gives me a letter and a number, but I lost the sheet to let me in.

Is Left 4 Dead better than Killing Floor?

How do I get 100,000,000np on neopets?

What's the best point and click game? if you can, would you send me a link?

Any one esle go on rtw online ? if so wha ya name on it a give you a match lol

Any hints as to get the jetpack flyng in Nancy Drew Haunting of Castle Malloy? I printed out the instructions from the plates, but it keeps blowing up! Please help me!

How do I fix this error (or what every you want to call it) on PCLinuxOS 2009.1- Trying to install World of Warcraft? Whatch Video to see error:

In Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic, after I get my ship and land on a wookie planet, I meet the wookie chief and then comes out, that I had a wookie exile on my ship. From where, suddenly, I got that wookie I've never seen before on my ship?

Velvet the find the explosives mission..i have a pistol with 7 shots yet it seems i cannot use it! why is this..i click on the middle mouse roller and yet..nothing..and select the pistol..nothing..also...does anyone know the cheat codes?

I am stuck in game called Rune in level named "Mountain fortress of Thorstadt" in some backyard in which I came after knocking down some boxes,and than I don't know how to go further ? Mayday,please someone help me!

Peggle Nights players: Is Peggle Nights an expansion? Do you need the original Peggle? My son is addicted to it.

What new Nancy Drew PC game is coming out around June of 09?

Anyone know where i can find this really old game for free its called knights and merchants im also trying to find its expansion the peasants rebellion

Portal flash vesion walkthough? can some one give a good one pleze for lv22and up.

Dot u hatt rundam qusshuns appeer here?

What new Need For Speed PC games can you be a police officer on?

Does anyone know how i would be able to play lan on red alert 3 cause i use the same game on 2 pcs and it does not want to connect to does with the same cd key

I have a pc game that fails on one of the requirements. The Windows i have is Windows NT. Is there a way to change that? My other games made by the same company work, why won't this one?

How do you unlock the mermaid statue for Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection for PC?

Who here used to play the computer game "Stunts" (car racing)?

On runescape can you do anything with the wool you shear off sheep? can you sell it to someone? make something? thanks

Has anyone paid for warcraft tycoons gold making handbook?... and if so is it worth it or is there some place i can DL it for free?

What is the eazyest world of warcraft class to play my wife wants to play and does not have much exp playing games so what could she play that takes the least work and can still play well?

What is the best world of warcraft class and why? what is the best DPS class and why? what is the best tanking class and why? what is the best healing class and why? i want to make a tank and a healer and want to know what ppl think and maby try a new dps

I didnt really buy the wrath of the lich king for WoW yet, so what's it like? is it better or worse that the burning crusade

Do you think World of Warcraft is destroying peoples minds?

If "Minesweeper" had a theme song, how would the tune go and what would its lyrics be?

I installed my red alert 3 on 2 computers and i wanted to play LAN with my friend but it said it cannot play using the same serial number is there a way to go over this?

Does anyone know where I can get the "Need for Speed Prostreet" Lithium extender pack? There are a few sites that *used* to have it, but I can't find one now (not file sharing sites- the download was free and legal).

Do you play Virtual Villagers? Which of the games?

Do you think u can take a Zergling in a fight? (i'd get slaughtered! Laceration city, here i come!)

Is thief a good game

Who no s a good site to download scarface for pc with easy instalation

Help, I can't find the last top right treasure in Totem Tribe Game.. Can anyone Please Help?

Does anybody know where i can buy YO JIN BO for the PC all the sites i look at say its out of stock or unavailable

In the game Totem Tribe, I am at the very last level, why don't I have the Ice Tower?

Pixie Hollow question . does anyone know how to get ingredients fast other than the games and just getting them in world/land?

Why cant I launch Oblivion, installed just fine, hardware meets reqs. when I click on play I get a message that the game failed to launch. Thanx for any pointers.

Hi, I have got the new Prince of Persia game for PC, but when I try to instal it it freezes and the setup isnt going. What should I do? Please reply

I have recently bought warhammer online activation card which told me to go to Mythic Entertainment Account Management, so i did but when i got to the key step,which was after the username part. it didnt work. I am totaly new to warhammer

I can seem to install the game The Incredible Machine on my vista laptop

I have the original need for speed prostreet game and lost the manual with the installation code how can i obtain this serial no I have not registered online yet will the retailer be able to help or can i obtain it online

Does Warpath, (not jurassic park, the one made by Groove entertainment) work with windows vista? on the box it doesnt even have the word vista on it, will it work, and will it mess anything up?

Where can I get the game of Risk for the computer, for free mind you?

What is new in Need for Speed - Most Wanted - Black Edition? What changes does it have comparing to the original one?

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 7800 LE on Windows XP SP3 and played the demo for Tomb Raider: Underworld, but lags and pauses in between horribly and average, but the other legend engine games work FINE. SO how do i fix this without buying an expensive 9800?

Why do we still have Minesweeper on our PCs? Aren't they the Model T of PC games?

Why am I getting this error message when I try to install NFS-Carbon??? Please tell me soon, coz I just bought the game and I wanna know if I should exhange it for another. If I dont do it soon, I'll lose my money! (chk my answer for error pic)

In the MMORPG "Second Life," does everyone have to have an avatar of an adult or can anyone choose the avatar of a child if they wanted to?

What did you think of Myst?

Does anyone on here have a old runescape account i just want to go back on and see if i like it high lvls plz

How do you delete custom features from the Sims 2?

Is there a Starfleet Command 3 mod that increases the limit of ships in a battle past 6?

I reinstalled the sims delux. I had the correct code to install it but after installation it all loaded and went thru the loading process and then went back to the desktop. What is the problem

I have WoW installed, and am currently trying to install the BC expansion but every time autoplay runs there is no "Install" option, only a "Play" option and that just runs regular WoW. Anyone know why this is happening? Ask for more info if you need it.

In the 1994 game "Panzer General," what happens if you win the hypothetical invasion of the US in June 1945 as the Germans?

On the ancient 1994 game "Panzer General," is it possible to win the Polish invasion on the Polish side?

Why and When did Aishia JubJub die on neopets

Does anyone have a download link for the game "Penumbra" or can zip it to me?

On Madden07 for pc,how do you watch saved replays?

I want to sell my copies of The Sims 2 along with all the expansion packs up to FT. Should I sell them all together, or separately? How much should I sell them for? (I live in Canada and they are all in brand new condition)

Why dont my sims 2 cheat codes work anymore? I had this game on my desktop, and it worked fine, but now that i removed it from my desktop and put it on my laptop.. they will not work..i cant even get the cheat bubble to come up to type the cheats in?

In the PC game Mercenaries 2 world In Flames: I am stuck on the one stage wear i must rescue the hostaged from the armerd van. what button on the keyboard must i press to trake the van from the guy thats driving it

Is it possible to play a game with a video card lower then minimum requirements on lowest settings?

Why are there 2 of every custom level in marble blast gold?

An article says there have been over 156,000 transfers of "Spore" on BitTorrent since September 1st, and the game was released on September 7th. How could the game have reached BitTorrent BEFORE the release date?

How do you make the globe bigger on Spore so that you have more room to develop your creatures?

Can anyone tell me how to get the orbs in Funkiki Island on U.B.FUNKEYS ?? THANKS

On Medieval Total war II, why do all the soldiers in my crusade keep deserting? I move them the maximum amount each turn.

Is there really going to be a Max Payne 3? I've seen so many rumours on the internet, but they're mostly hoaxes...

I am trying to download the aliennation mod for supreme commander can anyone give me a FULL walkthrough?

I own paws and claw's pet vet and i own a horse it says to discover the fields but i can't find them i see a sign going to a place but when i follow it i go to the outskirts of town sign but it's still closed any help?

Right, this has been bothering me for a while, how do u get the trees to grow on sim city societies or even appear on the city?

What is your favorite faction on winter assault and what is the team name

Can I play a save game from Morrowind in Tribunal?

Wats a good pokemon game to playon the enternet with no downloads

Do you like nitrome?

On THP2 im stuck on the school Lvl all I need to do is find out were or how I get the Lil' Guppy Extension Mid Squid Extension High Dive Extension?

Why did SimCopter not have a fireman board a helicopter on the fire stations' rooftops whereas a police officer and a paramedic could board from a precinct's and hospital's rooftops?

Does anyone remember playing SimCopter?

While playing StarCraft on, On the UMS maps, Do you like Heavens Last Stand? I personally LOVE it. I'm in an HLS clan. =]

I cant download the newest update of Xiah because every time it completes the download a message pops up saying "An error occured during the download please try again" Any help?

Im playing obscure2 PC! i cant close the gate in the hospital where i control sven+mei.pls dont say do this do isnt play station,not easy.anyone has save file after that part?thanks.(at least 35 players has same problem,checked forums)

Which game should i buy Zoo Tycoon 2 or Virtual Villagers 2 ? Why?

Does anyone play the game "Navy Field"?

In any of Midtown Madness 1, 2 or 3, how do I model my own city/track? All I really want here is to be able to model my own city, then drive around in it. Are there any other games where this is possible?

Will "mass effect 2" ever be released? and if it will, when?

I have Unreal Tournament GOTY '99, and When I play on an internet game, I cant use the Primary fire, but everything else works. Can this be fixed without having to reinstall the game?

How do i get a gba emulator on my computer and how do i get pokemon ruby and sapphire

What happened to all the people in Aperture Science labs?

What name cheats (eg//Chris Sawyer) actually work for Rollercoaster Tycoon 1?

What is your favorite ub funkey?

How do i install the savage SFE patch?

In Portal, what's so special about the cake?

How do you download and access additional vehicles for PC racing games (downloading an internet file)?

Why is star wars: galactic battlegrounds so expensive?

Hi, I REALLY want this game, Spore. So I went to EA to see if my computer could run the Creature Editor at least. Everything was fine except one thing. It said that my computer didnt have "Video HW Transform and Lighting". Is thing necessary?

Gameshark codes for obscure aftermath

What your favroit wow race and class?

How do you play minesweeper?

Who loves vampire the masquerade the bloodlines?isn't it awesome??? i really love it.

Does anyone know of a game for MAC that is made in the tradition of those cool graphics/puzzle games where you creep around an old mansion and solve problems. Such as Phantasmagoria, King's Quest series and others? Today's graphics and sound?

Anyone use to play wc3?

At the end of the restauront empire game, ( story mode) how many restaurants do you have?

What is the point of the game, "Portal?"

Who plays u.b. funkeys? if so, how many funkeys do you have?

Who has played mat hoffmans pro BMX? How do you get the secret cover on the first arena?

How do I get past Mouth of the Centaul - level 8.4 on Zuma?

How do tamagotchis evolve into parents?

I'm trying to figure out how to play multiplayer on Tron 2.0. Every time I try, there are no servers listed. Same thing with my other game, SW outcast. I tried hosting, but it said, "Unable to show it on the Gamespy list."?

Does anyone here play Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds End pc game? I am completed all of the levels, but I am having a hard time with the hit combo. Anyone know an easy way to do them? The highest I've gotten is 15. thanks!

Has anyone got to Sungod 7 on Zuma - if so how?

For those of you who play rappelz, how do i fix the message that pops up during loading and says error 5 hshield copy fail?

I'm stuck on Postal 2 Apocalypse weekend. I've just killed the head exec in the game company office, but the door is locked and I can't get out. There's no apparent escape route and no cut-scene. I can't find any walk-throughs for

Does anyone still play the original Starfleet Command? If so, care for a duel?

In Red Alert 2, which side shall i bee on? Blues or Reds (they are diffrent things you can get)

I downloaded rf online into my laptop. Then clicked on it,a sign came out:connecting to launcher server.Then nothing came out.I went to the FAQ and did what they told me to. But still,i cannot get into the game. What should i do?

Have you ever heard of Rise Of Nations: Thrones & Patriots?

Portal. Great game or greatest game?

I am trying to "overload" mechs in Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries . I think it would be fun to go in with a 100 ton mech with about 150 tons of load on it. Is there a edit I can use? Is there a trainer that works with the Clan packs?

Any one know anything about making p.c. game mods

AW MAN! I jst installed a game on my systm & ALL the required files & apps.But now,when I try to open the game,a msg pops up"PLEASE INSERT CORRECT DVD-ROM, SELECT OK AND RESTART THE APP." Whats happening?Its the only DVD I wz given wen I bought the game.

Why do I keep getting nobled on tribal wars?

I put "doflopnok" as an exhibit name in Zoo Tycoon Complete collection, but i dont unlock the dodo. What am i doing wrong?

How do you get your Sims 2 movies to have really cool movie like effects?

How do I add a review for this game?

Have you played any of the Myst games? What did you think of 'End of Ages' compared to the other games?

My daughter accidentally deleted a game I had saved on Zoo Tycoon 2. She put it in the recycle bin. Is it gone, or is there a way to retrieve it?

What can u do with elephants in zoo tycoon 2? Is this game good. I found zoo empire more interesting. Screenshots show that elephants can paint/write but I couldn't do anything good with animals.

Has anyone ever got to Level of the Sun God in the PC game Zuma?

I have just bought an installed Resident Evil 4 for my PC. But, when i start the game, a notice immediately pops up to tell me it failed because a file 'd3dx9_30.dll' was not found. Re-installing does not work. What is the file for, how do i fix this and

I recently bought a game call midevil 2 totalwar but everytime i play it the game crashes and either my pc will restart or it will say midevil totalwar has encouterd an unspicifeid error and will now exit. If anyone has this game and knows how to fix it..

In 'obscure 2' is it possible to save both the characters from the first boss they encounter and when do u get the first save?

Where can i play "Mario Bros" (this one online?

I play many differnt games but what has been ur favorite MMORPG or online game?

Does anyone play the game There?

Are you playing Second Life?

Does anyone know a place where i can buy "The Oregon Trail" for PC's? I can't find it anywhere.

Does any one play Ulima online? What shard?

I have a copied `Splinter cell Pandora Tommorow`game but i`m failing to run it,the pc gives me this error-"SplinterCell2.exe">I can only manage to get to the loading stage and then it gives me the error,what can i do?

Does anyone here play second life? If so, why do you play?

What SimCity do you like playing the best?

How can I download the WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 computer game of the internet?

Has anybody ever played PocketTanks? Are you as addicted to it as I am?

In Pirates of the Caribbean : The Legend of Jack Sparrow (the video game) does Elizabeth get kidnapped by Barbossa?

Are there any cheats for nicktoons racing pc

In the PC version of "mashed drive to survive" how do I do a turbo start?

Where can i download rupiah generator for

Anyone in here play Sacred? what's your opinion of it?

Where can I find a list of the stray cat and dogs in the sims 2 pets?

What are all the rewards you can get in zoo tycoon, and how do u get them?(complete edition-including dinos and marine)

Does anyone have a runescape account that the dont want anymore? If so send you account information to

If you have a runescape account and do not want it any more send your account information to

Does anyone know how to fix an issue i am having with Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines? When I load the game everything gets glitchy except for the background designs i dont understand how the one would work and the other wouldn't. I also have vista

How good are you at Zoo Tycoon?

Why is Maple Story so popular? I played a little last night and it's the most boring thing ever.

Twice i have bought Microsoft flight simulator X,both times my drive scratched the CD(pretty bad), but for any other CDS or DVDS it doesnt do anything to them?

My computer crashed and i lost all games etc. I was jus lookin for help because i have lost the code for tiger woods pga tour 07 for the pc n i want to install it again

Do you have a PC games named Pharaoh,and if you do can you tell me where you baught it?

In Microsoft Flight Simulator X, When I land in some planes, such as the 737, why does the plane sink into the ground?

When is Starcraft 2 coming out?

Painkiller gold edition, painkiller part. At lab level with the boxes that fly in the air. Im at very top but cant get up there. Anyone know how to get over that part? Getting irrated and tried everything

Anyone have a website for steps on the game Painkiller: gold edition on PC? Im at a hard level and cant beat it. tried 2 months on and off on level and no success. Im doing the painkiller part not battle out of hell.

Anyone in here play Titan Quest and the expansion Immortal Throne? I can't really decide wether it's great or just a waste of time.

Starcraft 2 has been announced, from, what is your reaction?

On Sims 2 the game for the PC,one of my sims will never go to work,even if I have the free will on and off he still will never go to work what is the problem?

I'm REALLY interested to see who else use to play the computer game "Put-Put goes to the Moon" as a kid. Haha

In the game Paws and Claws Pet Vet, where are the fields at?

In Rome total war, the game keeps skipping like a bad cd every minute or so, the disc is clean and brand new. any suggestions?

I need webkins cheats but i dint know how to get them...

I just bot starwars battle front 2 and it says disk can not be read

I have just installed Prey the computer game and when i try to launch it, a pop up comes up saying "The current video card/driver combination does not support the necesary features. what do i do?

Are there webkinz cheats

Hey spyrorocks, or anyone else, for me the tsearch thing doesn't work, is it because i have flash player 9?

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, can you fly anywhere in the world from any airport, and does it take the same amount of time as in real life?

Does anyone know why Majesty II was never finished or released?

How do you get a serial number remade for a game call tibrian sun

In the PC game, The Movies, is there anything you are supposed to do when an actor is about to retire?

What is your favorite race and unit in Starcraft?

Vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines closes itself all the time. i can`t exit an area, create a new char or load certain saves. i have reformatted the hard drive, and reinstalled the game five times, but i still doesn`t work. can anyone help?

Has anyone ever played second life? If you have then what are your thoughts on it?

What is your highest score for microsoft Pinball?

Is 'The Movies' a fun PC game?

Where can I get cheats or hints for RuneScape?

How many "Myst" games are there? Are they all as good as the first?

Will a "Pirates 2" come out anytime soon?

How do you get the cheats to work on Star Wars Knight of The Old Republic 2?

After completing career mode in "The Movies," can you use sandbox mode to play where years don't count?

Is there any kind of toggle to bleep out cusswords on the "True Crime" games?

How do I get my Logitech Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Wheel to work on "True Crime: Streets of LA"?

On "True Crime: New York City", when the player drives down to the site of the former World Trade Center, what will he see there?

My Madden 2005 keeps on freezing during the game. How do I fix that?

Where can I find either a DOS version or a Windows version of Yankee Trader or Tradewars?

What are the minimum system requirements for SimTower?

Where can I purchase VOL2: NORMANDY '44 in the Panzer Campaigns series?

In the game "Mu," how can I find the Jewel of Life?

Are there any cheats for the game Mu?

Does anyone know how to get Terminator 2029 to work on a Pentium system?

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